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HachAzuela is born from admiration for nature, there is nothing more original than herself. 

We decided to bet on the city, specifically on the Gracia neighborhood, opening our own space. We are one of the few who escaped the Borne neighborhood, more than 20 years ago, when they invaded us with international shops.

We believe that the best way to be universal is to be very local.

Our raw material is wood and alabaster. there is no grain, branch, or trunk equal to another. We make each piece unique and exclusive.

Both the wood and the alabaster, are from Km.0, we don't import from anywhere but cataluña!!

In the HachAzuela workshop, we craft objects for everyday use combining traditional methods, simple hand tools and sustainable forest wood.

We control the entire creation process from the selection of the trunk, from the annual pruning of the Tarragona fields, where we have the field workshop, the execution with artisan tools such as acha, adze, gouges, knives, files, shaping each object with the required care

Delving into the universe of traditional crafts connects us to an almost forgotten world, in which natural materials and the beauty of simplicity come together to create unique objects, made with love and patience.

We call ourselves "wood craftsmen", we make custom furniture, decorative objects and kitchenware

From the hand of the sculptor Javier Úbeda, each piece is given unique character, ensuring that each object or piece of furniture has that special differentiation, fleeing replication.

Our customer profile is demanding, highly informed, knowledgeable about current publications and that is why it demands much more than pure functionality (we love it because it is very motivating)

We believe that it is essential to have a connection with the customer, to be able to meet the person, whom you are making an item that he will use every day, in the form of a table, shelf, spoon, cutting board, stool, lamp, ... really special !!

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